The challenges and opportunities of including smallholder farmers and urban poor in the global food system.

We are currently exploring the possibilities of hosting this seminar. Interested in sponsoring or facilitating this event in any way? Please contact Edwin Hecker (ehecker@schuttelaar.nl) or Rutger Schilpzand (rschilpzand@schuttelaar.nl).



This three-day seminar will feature high-level talks, working groups and site-visits to fully explore the subject. Further detailing of the seminar programme will take place in cooperation with knowledge partners and the main sponsoring partners.


The reason why

  • To create an all-inclusive global food system by connecting farmers, food business and consumers around the globe via the world market.
  • To be able to keep pace with the growing demand for food and to generate rural economic development, all the world’s farming capacity must be and will be connected to the global agrofood system. Smallholder farmers play an important future role in providing food to local consumers.
  • To make the world prosperous for everybody and to create new markets, no one should be left behind. Including the urban poor.

Our proposition

  • A three day seminar with 50 high level participants
  • World class speakers from different continents
  • Challenging dialogue sessions and an inspiring learning journey of exciting site visits
  • Action proposals as building blocks for a roadmap towards a sustainable food system
Your benefit
  • Get involved in high level international networking by personal access to thought leaders and renowned experts on agrofood around the world.
  • Get insights into major global food developments seen from different angles.
  • Sharpen your thoughts, get practical insights and be exposed to the every-day reality of the seminar’s topics.
  • Be part of the way to solutions for the global food system, and create leads for strategy in your own organisation